Do you want to take a fresh look at how your business operates? Do you want to draw support from world leading machinery and packaging suppliers? Are you looking for the next big thing?

We know how to innovate; we have helped many clients to do it! With decades of industry experience, we know the benefits driven by world class innovation – and we are also aware of the pitfalls and the blockers!

Working alongside your senior leaders, we create innovation strategies that deliver results. We help our clients research, develop and create new solutions.

Whether you need process innovation, product and packaging innovation, or IT, robotics and automation – the opportunities are endless.

Are you ready for change?

Find out more about our Innovation service offerings below

Using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver tangible benefits in quality, productivity, cost, and safety

How many times have you heard Industry 4.0 as the next big thing?

Is the Internet of Things relevant to you?

Are you struggling with labour availability and skills shortages?

We cut through the jargon to deliver practical, relevant and flexible solutions that boost productivity, improve yields, cut production costs and support Health and Safety standards.

Working with our extensive network of manufacturing and engineering partners, we help you adopt new and emerging technologies to reinvent key manufacturing platforms.

Are you ready to automate?


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Innovative, responsible strategies that harness the power of the circular economy

Have you unlocked the full potential of your sustainability agenda?

Is your CSR programme driving the right benefits for your business?

We can help you drive sustainability initiatives across your business, leveraging our experience and our network of industry partners to deliver best-in-class sustainability strategies in areas that include:

  • Packaging optimisation
  • Plastics reduction
  • Energy purchasing and usage efficiency
  • Recycling and waste stream management (including bio-wastes for rendering or disposal)

Let us help you achieve a more sustainable future with a circular economy strategy that works for you.


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Maximising your funding opportunities

R&D tax credits

Are you fully claiming your R&D tax credits?

If you are investing effort to solve a problem with a novel solution (a new or modified product, or production process, or new knowledge/IP) and can demonstrate an advancement in science or technology – this is R&D!

We have partnered with an R&D tax accountancy practice that specialise in supporting you to ensure all your eligible R&D spend is identified and claimed for on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to reduce costs and improve cashflow!!

Grant funding

Are you using available grant funding to help your business to innovate and grow?

We continuously monitor sources of grant funding to ensure our clients can avail of relevant financial assistance to support their R&D, capital and revenue investment projects.

We profile your business and the potential eligibility of your projects. Using our skills and experience in attracting significant grant support, we can help you prepare a compelling application for funding.

Discover grant funding opportunities for your business.

Private investment

Are you seeking access to private equity investment?

Our experience and understanding of how to unlock funds for your business allows us to identify well-matched potential private investors that can bring both capital funding and expertise to support your business.

How can we help you unlock funding opportunities for your business?


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