Do you want to achieve accelerated business performance? Do you need help to drive a step change in your business?

With over 20 years’ experience working in the fresh food industry we understand the pressures your business faces. With many successful Group-wide transformation programmes under our belt we know how to drive fast-paced change throughout your organisation.

Whether you need a radical overhaul of your supply chain, or have an operating unit running below par, or you simply want to drive a continuous improvement agenda that delivers an improved margin. We know how to get the job done.

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Elevate your organisation to new levels of performance

Developed over many years of successful project delivery, our methodology and approach can help you enhance the performance of your business to achieve greater returns.


Our starting point is to help you quickly identify the right areas to focus on for performance improvement and value creation.

In our experience, the obvious problems are not always the underlying root cause. We dig into the complexity of your business systems, processes and organisational structures to help discover the real blockers to realising optimum business performance.


With a clear assessment in place we help you make informed decisions based on facts. Following our proven approach, we build a focused transformation programme that reconfigures the organisation and implements the right sustainable solution.


We can support you with the implementation of your transformation programme by working collaboratively with your teams and challenging you to achieve your goals. We have a track record of success so you can be assured that we deliver results!


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Optimise your supply chain through effective Sales and Operational Planning

Are you struggling to meet demand? Are inventory levels under control? Do imbalances across your supply chain impact on your business performance?

Effective supply chain management lies at the very heart of what we do.  With years’ of experience in the UK and Ireland fresh food retail supply chain we understand how to optimise performance across your end-to-end S&OP process. Examples of how we can provide proven relevant intervention to your business include:

  • Sales forecasting & Production Planning
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Logistics planning and optimisation
  • Supply chain design
  • Master data, Bill of Materials and costings
  • Supply chain rationalisation
  • Supplier performance engagement

Need help to join the dots across your supply chain? We can help.


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Spend smarter to boost your top and bottom lines

Costs must be proactively managed if you are to maintain your competitive edge. We offer value for money cost reduction services that have delivered significant savings for our clients through initiatives that include:

  • Competitive tendering services
  • Product portfolio rationalisation
  • Overseas sourcing strategies
  • Capital investment projects
  • Cost modelling and wastage analysis
  • Operational cost reduction programmes

Our experience and expertise in this area is unmatched. We are confident we can deliver significant savings, which is why we guarantee our cost reduction services will deliver a return in excess of our fees.

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